March10-12, 1975: Studio Sessions for RCA

Mar. 10, RCA Studio C, Hollywood

  • Fairytale (Pointer/Pointer – Polo Grounds Music/Para Thumb Music)
  • Green, Green Grass Of Home (Putnum – Tree Publishing)
  • I Can Help (Swan – Combine Music)
  • And I Love You So (McLean – Mayday Music/Yahweh Tunes)

Mar. 11, RCA Studio C, Hollywood

  • Susan When She Tried (Reid – American Cowboy Music)
  • T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Chestnut – Jerry Chestnut Music)
  • Tiger Man (Louis/Burns – Hi-Lo Music)
  • Woman Without Love (Chestnut – Passkey Music)
  • Shake A Hand (Morris – Merrimac Music)

Mar. 12, RCA Studio C, Hollywood

  • Brining It Back (Gordon – Silverline Music)
  • Pieces Of My Life (Seals – Danor Music)

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