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1964 Studio Sessions

January 12, 1964: Studio Sessions for RCA

Jan. 12, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Memphis, Tennessee (Berry – Arc Music)
  • Ask Me (Modugno/Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)
  • It Hurts Me (Byers/Daniels – Elvis Presley Music)

March 2-3, April 29, and May 14, 1964: Soundtrack Recordings for “Roustabout”

Mar. 2, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • Little Egypt (Leiber/Stoller – Progressive & Trio Music)
  • Poison Ivy League (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Hard Knocks (Byers – Elvis Presley Music)
  • It’s A Wonderful World (Tepper/Bennett – Gladys Music)

Mar. 3, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • Big Love Big Heartache (Fuller/Morris/Hendix – Gladys Music)
  • One Track Heart (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Roustabout (Blackwell/Scott – unknown pub.)
  • It’s Carnival Time (Weisman/Wayne – Gladys Music)
  • Carney Town (Wise/Starr – Gladys Music)
  • There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon (Byers – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Wheels On My Heels (Tepper/Bennett – Gladys Music)

Apr. 29, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • Roustabout (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Gladys Music)

June 10-12, 15, 1964: Soundtrack Recordings for “Girl Happy”

Jun. 10, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • Puppet On A String (Tepper/Bennett – Gladys Music)
  • The Meanest Girl n Town (Byers – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Girl Happy (Pomus/Shuman – Elvis Presley Music)

Jun. 11, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • Cross My heart And Hope To Die (Wayne/Weisman – Gladys Music)
  • Spring Fever (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Do Not Disturb (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)
  • I’ve Got To Find My Baby (Byers – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce (Tepper/Bennett – Gladys Music)

Jun. 12, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • Starting Tonight (Rosenblatt/Williams – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Do The Clam (Wayne/Weisman/Fuller – Gladys Music)
  • Wolf Call (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)

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